The short answer is no. Third party services need to be integrated with TelemetryTV's API in order to seamlessly share its contents to multiple TVs.

All URLs must be public (no login required) and secure (HTTPS) in order for the Web URL app to display its contents.

Our Web URL app is an iFrame, which means that you will need to login to your 3rd party private URL on every single media player device. You will have to manually login to the service and will be logged out once your cookie expires.

Additionally, not all 3rd party software allow you to use the Web URL App. Some websites do not allow you to embed their pages in an iFrame (e.g. Netflix).

There are multiple reasons why 3rd party services hide content behind logins, some reasons include security, protection of your information and other reasons such as protecting their own product.

Despite the limitations, there are some workarounds with displaying private content via the Web URL App:

  • Hosting the 3rd party content on a public URL
  • Login to 3rd party service directly via the media player (Windows/Chrome)

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