View online websites the way they were designed to be seen - in clear, pristine high definition picture quality.

Add the Website App on your TelemetryTV displays to view, and navigate through, online websites on any screen size from any display in your office. 

Adding the Website App to your digital displays is easy. 

Log into your TelemetryTV dashboard. 

From the main dashboard, access your Apps from the left tool bar. 

Search for the Website app. 

To add your new Website App, provide a label for the app, include URL of the website you would like to access through your display and click "Save" to create. 

Preview your website's display and update the URL from the preview window. 

To add additional websites, click "Add App" to repeat the process. 

Add multiple websites to display on a single or on multiple screens. 

To publish live, click "Save".  

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