Intelligently display classroom schedules, lecture locations, and upcoming events to staff and students from anywhere on campus with the Wayfinding App. 

Syncing to your 25Live RSS feed, the Wayfinding App allows users to sync their events calendar on a single or multiple screens. 

To get started with the Wayfinding App, head to your main TelemetryTV display. 

Under Apps, search for the Wayfinding App. 

Label your app and completely custom how your Wayfinding App will display. 

Next insert your unique 25Live RSS feed URL, choose a display title and video or image to display on screen, and select between a dark or light theme.

When you're done click Add App to preview your new app. 

Preview with Dark theme:

Preview with Light theme:

From the preview window you can make edits to your Wayfinding App's configuration settings or simply save to publish by click on "Save". 

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