We're 6x more likely to engage with, and retain information through, video content.

With TelemetryTV’s customizable YouTube App, you can engage your team, staff, and on-site visitors by displaying compelling video on multiple screens. 

Choose to display a single video, playlists, and channels from your device. 

To get started, head to your main dashboard and select  “Apps” from the left column bar. 

Next, click on “Add App” and search for the YouTube app in the search bar located to the right of your screen. 

Once YouTube has been selected, you are able to completely customize your video player. 

From here you're able to customize your video player. 

Label your video player with a custom title and insert your YouTube video, playlist or channel URL.

See below to read instructions on how to locate your custom YouTube URL.

Our intuitive editor is able to recognize the type of content you will be displaying - either a single video, playlist, or channel. 

From the editor, you can also include captions disable sound for your video. 

If you're wanting to display from playlists or channels, you have the option to choose to shuffle through the videos or play them in sequence. 

By enabling the "One at a time" option, you can display both videos and content from your other selected apps.

See below to read instructions on how to locate your custom YouTube URL.

Once you're done customizing your video player, click on "Add App" to preview. 

Simply click "Save" and you're done!


How to find your custom YouTube URL

Finding your YouTube account's custom URL is easy. 

Follow the below instructions:

  • Log into your YouTube account 
  • Select the YouTube video, channel or playlist you'd like to display
  • Copy the URL and paste it into the "URL" section of your video player editor

Enabling the "One at a time" feature

Our "One at a time" feature allows you to add diversity to the videos and apps you display. 

With the "One at a time" feature enabled, you can switch between displaying the most recent video from your YouTube channel or playlist, following it up with displaying another app of your choosing, and back to video. 

[Video - video, to weather, back to video] 

If "One at a time" has been disabled, the player will automatically display your videos in sequence and then display your other apps. 

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