Watch the latest BBC news videos and read through news headlines right from your TelemetryTV digital display with our BBC App. 

Get started by searching for the BBC App from your TelemetryTV apps search dashboard. 

Once selected, you will prompted to customize your BBC App's display setting. 

Label your BBC app, choose to display news and videos from either BBC or BBC News,  filter news from when they last posted by 1, 7, or 30 days. You can also increase the filter range date by selecting "Any Time".  This will ensure videos and news headlines exceeding 30 days will also be displayed. 

Enable video captions by checking the "Show Captions" box.

To preview your App, click on "Add App".

From the preview screen, you can rename your app, disable captions or adjust the filter date range. 

To add an additional BBC News App to your digital display, click on "Add App" from the App view column to the left of the app preview screen. 

Edit any of your app's display settings and click on "Save" to publish your new apps. 

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