Not sure whether you should buy or sell?

TelemetryTV's Stock App fetches the most up-to-date, stock prices directly from Yahoo Finance. 

To add the Stock App to your digital display, follow these easy steps:

From your TelemetryTV main dashboard, select "Add App". 

The below view may differ slightly should you already have apps added to your digital displays. 

View if you already have existing apps added to your display

Using the app search function, search for the Stocks App. 

Label your app and include the stock symbols you would like to display. If you are adding more than one stock symbol, separate each one by a comma "," . 

To preview, click "Add App". 

From the preview window you will be able to update the configurations of your Stocks App as well as preview its display.

When you're finished, click "Save" to publish your new Stocks App display to your digital displays. 

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