They say that you can't predict the weather, but with the Weather App you can have a good idea of what it may look like. 

With the Weather App added to your display, you will be able to see current and weekly weather conditions for the locations of your choice.

Adding the Weather App

To add the app, search for Weather App from our available apps. 

Configuring the Weather App

  • Give your Weather App a name in the "Label" field.
  • Select a theme from the drop-down. (See below for examples of themes.)
  • Enter your location(s) for which you'd like to display the weather. The Default theme supports up to three locations, while Photo only supports one location.
  • Keep "Show Background" toggled on to ensure your app shows a background. If not, it will be dark grey.

☝️ Important note: Currently, our Weather App only supports showing the time in 24h format. 

Here are some examples demonstrating the different theme options:

Default theme with 1 location

Photo theme with 1 location

Default theme with multiple locations

When you're ready, click on "Create." 

You can preview your app and edit it's settings from the right-side menu on the Apps page.

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