Take your live stream playlists to the next level by showcasing your MS PowerPoint slides to your TelemetryTV device. 

You can choose to add one or multiple presentation slides to a playlist with custom configurations which tell your playlist which pages to display, how long to display them, the time of day in which they should be displayed, and much more.  

To add a PowerPoint slide presentation to a playlist, log into your TelemetryTV account. 

From the left navigation bar select Playlists > Add Page. 

From here you can upload a new PowerPoint slide presentation by selecting "Upload Media" located at the bottom of your screen as shown in the image below. 

Select the media folder to continue and click on Upload to select the PowerPoint slide of your choosing. 

Once uploaded, you can completely customize how your PowerPoint slide presentation will be displayed. 

You can choose to rename your slide presentation, update the thumbnail and add additional play settings. Scroll down to see a list of settings.  Once finished, click "Save" to publish. 

Playlist Settings

Play Until 

Set the length of time you would like each page to display for before transitioning to the next screen. 

Lock to Screen 

If you have multiple screens attached to a single device, your TelemetryTV display will automatically distribute multiple pages in a playlist over multiple screens. Optionally, you can choose to lock a page to a specified screen.  

Tag Filtering  

Select which pages to show on your devices by adding tags to pages. Pages which match the tags you set will display with one another. 


Choose from a wide selection of transitions for each page. 

Default Page 

If the Default Page setting is selected, your playlist will display that particular page as the default page if no other pages have be defaulted. 


Select the days and times you would like to have a particular page display on. 

When you're done customizing your playlist's configurations click Save to publish your playlist. 

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