You can upload Media to TelemetryTV in order to have their content displayed in Playlists.


TelemetryTV supports MP4 and WEBM video file formats directly.   You can upload them and have them play on your playlist without conversion.

Video Audio

Please be aware due to browser autoplay policies that videos with audio may not preview properly and the browser may refuse to play them entirely.   This unfortunately is a limitation imposed by Google in certain more recent versions of Chrome. 

Video Formatting

You should size your Video for the screen you intend to play on.  Videos will be scaled to fit and may result in black bars being displayed if the videos resolution doesn't match the screen size. 


TelemetryTV supports GIFs (animated and not), PNGs (animated and not) and JPEGs.   Images will be scaled to fit the screen so you should ensure that they match the resolution of the screen they are displayed on. 

Other File Types Are Converted To Images 

You may upload a number of other file types which will automatically get converted to images for storage and display on devices.  If the file has multiple pages it'll typically be converted to one image per page and bundled as a single media object in the interface.  The file types supported are PDF, SVG, PowerPoint, Word and Excel document types.

Uploading Media 

Upload Media by either clicking the upload button or by dragging and dropping to the Media panel. 

Google Drive Integration 

You can upload media from Google Drive by authenticating with Google and selecting the file to upload.  Note that the file will be converted if it's a Google Slides, Sheets or Documents file to a series of Images.

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