Playlists are containers for Content (Boards, Apps and Media).  They are ordered lists of content that will be played in sequence.  You can apply rules to particular items of content to determine whether they're valid to be shown when the playlist comes around to wanting to play them as it advances through the sequence.

Playlists are assigned to Devices which can have multiple playlists.  

Your Default Playlist

When your account is created you'll have a default playlist in it with some sample videos to give you an idea on how things work.  You can delete this playlist if you like.

Creating a New Playlist

Select the Playlist dropdown on the top of the screen and select the Add Playlist option and then select a name and a folder to place the playlist in.  You can group playlists in a Group folder.

Playlist Properties 

Hover over a Playlist in the Playlist Dropdown menu and select the menu (vertical triple dot menu) to pop up the options for the playlist.  Here you can rename the Playlist,  set a Google Analytics code for proof of play reporting and set the default transition between items in the playlist.

Adding Content to a Playlist

To add content to a playlist simply select the category of content (Apps, Boards, Media), find your content item and drag and drop it to the Playlist.

Playlist Play Order

Playlists play in order of sequence from top to bottom.  To rearrange the order you can drag and drop to arrange the items.  You can see a number next to the item in the playlist to represent the number of the play order.

Setting  Item Properties 

Mouse over a item in a playlist and click on the menu to pop up the item properties.  This will let you set a number of options for a playlist item.

Item Duration

Items can have Fixed or Inherit duration.  Typically items like Images and Boards would have fixed duration and items like Videos would inherit their duration naturally (the length of a video) 


Override the transition animation for this playlist item. 

Lock to Screen

ChromeOS can support multiple screens that are defined as separate windows where the playlist items are rendered independently on each screen.  With this setting you can lock a particular item to a specific screen. 

Tag Filtering

Filter out the Playlist Item such that it only appears on devices that have this playlist that match specific device tags.  

Animated Zoom Effect

When a playlist item is an image you can select a Ken Burns style animated zoom effect for more interesting transitions between images. 

Default Page

You can set an item in the playlist to be the Default Page.  This will only be shown if all the other items in the playlist have been otherwise filtered out due to visibility rules.


Days & Hours Enabled & Start and End Dates

You can optionally set the time when the Item is visible.  It will only be valid to be shown in the playlist when the current time matches these dates.  Please note that this will not interrupt an Item that is currently playing.   For instance if you have a video the next Item will not be eligible for being shown until the video has been played through, regardless of the scheduling options.

Show Every

You can set an Item to be shown a maximum of a duration.  If the playlist returns to this item before the duration has expired then the item will be skipped.  

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