• [Outdated] Introduced Android based Media Players for Android devices as well as AndroidTV's.  You can download the app from the Google play store.
  • Reworked the home screen to make things more obvious for new users.  Changes have moved to Intercom style announcements as well as being emailed to users to keep people better abreast of changes to TelemetryTV.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) is now a sub-feature of Team Login.  SSO with team logins allows you to have a special login URL that all members of your team share.  When a new to TelemetryTV user visits the login URL and successfully authenticates through your system they will have a TelemetryTV team member account created for them.  The SSO feature requires an OAuth provider like Auth0 in order to integrate with.  Auth0 will then let you integrate with nearly any third party or enterprise login system.
  • We've introduced an Animated Zoom Effect for image pages in a playlist.  This will animate and zoom images to make them more visually appealing while they're on the screen.  To enable this click on a page that is an image and select the effect option.
  • [Outdated] Chromecast support has been greatly enhanced.  Now you can create and manage Chromecast based players like you could other devices.  However as it's a Chromecast the device will not persist the display through a restart of the device,  you'll need to manually reset the display each time. 
  • App folders have been introduced, allowing you to manage apps as you would boards.
  • Group permissions have been refactored and enhanced.  Now you can set permissions on board folders, app folders, media folders and playlists
  • Multiple selection of playlist pages has been introduced allowing you to modify common features of more than one page at a time.  Shift or Control/Command click items in a playlist to multiple select. 
  • Lots of general UI tweaks and fixes have been made in order to simply the user experience and make it more consistent. 

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