• [Outdated] Released new versions of the Windows, Mac and Linux Media Player (to obtain these different Media Players, go to Devices, Add Device within TelemetryTV).
  • Added support for multiple playlists on each device.
  • [Outdated] In the Device List, we’ve added the Device Type (Windows, Mac, ChromeCast, etc).
  • We’ve reworked the Home Screen and moved the Change log to an Intercom page.
  • The way TelemetryTV is using AccuWeather has been redesigned so as to have it display better results.
  • On the Apps screen, we’ve added a Move icon (it looks like a Folder icon), next to the Trash can, which allows users to move an app to a different folder.
  • In the Add Page screen, we’ve added a button at the bottom allowing users to quickly create an App, create a Board or upload Media directly from the Add Page screen.
  • Added the Playlist name under the Device name in the Devices screen so you can quickly see what Playlists are on a particular device.

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