NEW Board Editor
The new board editor marries data driven dashboards and marketing focused digital signage into one cohesive canvas. 

NEW Function Driven Layers
The new canvas uses three types of layers (elements, widgets, and buttons) to achieve better design and performance. 

Use the elements layer to visualize items like images, videos, shapes, or social feeds to make your signage pop.  

Use the widgets layer to articulate data driven metrics with beautiful animating visualizations. 

Use the buttons layer to add interactivity to the mix. Create transparent regions or buttons to trigger responses like: animations, links to new boards, interfaces, or webpages.

NEW Video Wall Capabilities
Now, any size video wall is possible with custom canvas sizes. 

NEW Sequenced Animations
Create eye catching visuals that move on and off your canvas as per your rules.  

NEW Google Drive Sync in media repository.

NEW Metrics API - Our new metrics API allows you to aggregate on TelemetryTV’s side. Now you just send a metric (key and value) then use the board editor to articulate your widgets.

Improvement to Screen Overrides - Now in addition to setting overrides on the fly, you can schedule by time and day, create recurring overrides, or trigger overrides with events via our API or Zapier Integration.

Playlist UI - Our playlist user interface has been upgraded to be more user friendly 

Billing plans change - new plans and payment methods have been introduced.

Font Awesome 5 - we’ve implemented font awesome 5 icons. If you’re setting icons on widgets with old font awesome names you’ll need to upgrade this label names to font awesome 5. 

NEW Themes - Now great looking font and colour themes have been added to the board editor so every design looks polished and clean.  

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