NEW Media Player
The new media player introduces debugging and testing functionality, and works for Chrome and Windows. 

You can see the device logs by clicking the logs tab when selecting the new media player in the devices tab in TelemetryTV.  Additionally, when using a device you can press ESC on the keyboard connected to it to see the debug interface.  

NEW Video Streaming Capabilities 

You can now play significantly larger videos (500MB+) hosted within TelemetryTV.  It also optimizes storage and playback as well as makes playback more consistent and reliable.

Provisioning URLs

Copying a Provisioning URL from the Provisioning Tokens tab under Settings will now generate a different URL in the form of “<token id>” (formally renderer). This link allows you to view your playlists in a browser or on your devices much quicker and easier than before.  

NEW Playlist UI

A new, more versatile user interface has been deployed for playlists. Some features that were previously found in the Board Editor such as an RSS based ticker tape, custom aspect ratios for video walls, and overlays like a clock, your logo, and weather.  


You can now see what changes are coming to TelemetryTV from within the app itself. By clicking the Roadmap button on the sidebar, you will be able to see a breakdown of upcoming features, from those that are releasing imminently, to those that are being developed for an upcoming or future release.

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