TelemetryTV has a Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app available on the Windows app store. This application allows you to turn any compatible Windows computer in to a digital signage player.

What devices does this include?

Intel NUC, Mini PC, Video Wall Intel NUC, + more.
See our hardware page for a list of all recommended devices.

What are the advantages of using Windows with these devices?

  • Easy to set up
  • Widely available and customizable
  • Recommended for setting up video walls

What are the disadvantages of using Windows with these devices?

  • Not ideal for deploying at scale
  • Expensive

Setting up TelemetryTV on Windows 10

We've put together a checklist to help you set up the TelemetryTV UWP app on your device:

1. Ensure the latest Windows 10

  • TelemetryTV requires the Fall 2018 release of Windows 10 or greater to work (build version 1809).
  • To check your version:
  • Go to Start > Settings > System > About
  • Scroll down to Windows specifications, and check the number next to "Version".
  • If you're out of date, we've found that the best way to get to the Fall 2018 release of Windows 10 is to download and run the Windows Update Assistant.

2. Install the TelemetryTV App

  • Go to the Windows 10 app store and download the TelemetryTV app. You can find the application on the store page or search for "TelemetryTV."

3. Set up Assigned Access and Autostart

When you set up a kiosk (also known as assigned access) in Settings for Windows 10, version 1809, you create the kiosk user account at the same time.

  • Go to Start > Settings > Accounts > Family & other users > Set up a kiosk
  • Select Get started.
  • Enter a name for the new account.
  • Choose TelemetryTV as the app that will run which the kiosk account signs in.


The device should be set to sign in automatically when the device restarts (this is a default setting). To ensure this is set, go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and ensure "Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart" is toggled on.

To read more about Microsoft's advanced configuration options, click here.

4. Pairing the device to your TelemetryTV account

  • Turn on your device
  • Once the TelemetryTV media player is running, a pairing code will appear. On the TelemetryTV web app, navigate to the "Devices" page, click the "Pair" button, and type in the pairing code.

Congratulations! 🎉You've completed the steps to set up TelemetryTV with your Windows 10 device. Next, learn more about device management with this video.

Advanced Windows 10 Information

Video Walls

In order to deploy a video wall on Windows 10 with TelemetryTV you'll need to ensure that you have hardware and drivers that support combining all the displays in to a single display. We have tested TelemetryTV with AMD's Eyefinity and Intel's Collage drivers and suggest them as the best solutions for deploying a video wall. 

More on video walls here.

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