The devices page illustrates a number of attributes about your devices paired or provisioned to your account. 

Columns (Left to Right)

Key Metrics/Indicators

  • Online (Green)  / Offline (Grey or Red) 
  • Device Name
  • % of time your device is up and running over a rolling 30days
  • Consecutive days your device has been online or offline
  • Playlists the device is currently running
  • What OS platform and version your device is running
  • What App and Player versions you are running

Special icons

If you see a caution triangle icon instead of a percentage, this means your device has had to reconnect >500 times in the last 30 days. 

Property Inspector

Details Tab

The details tab show a variety of information about your device:

  • Names / Aliases of devices
  • Playlists selector 
  • Device Details (Description, Location, Organization, and Tags)
  • Device Notifications Toggle (allows you to get email alerts for devices that are offline or playlists that fail)
  • Device Versions
  • Device Hardware Specs

Logs Tab

From the "Logs" tab, you may view a recent history of your device's offline/online status. A caution triangle icon signifies an offline event, while an info circle icon signifies an online event.

Log entries stay saved in our database for 30 days.

Playbacks Tab

From the "Playbacks" tab, you can see a record of when each piece of content has been successfully played on the device, as well as the playlist it's a part of. 

Playback log entries stay saved in our database for 30 days.

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