The "Configure" tab on the Playlists page has all the options you need to tweak the look of your content exactly how you like.

With a playlist selected, you have access to the "Configure" tab at the top of the screen. From here you can edit properties, aspect ratio, overlays, and ticker tape.


Playlist Name

Naming the playlist makes it easier to search for, and giving it a descriptive name is important once you need to find which playlists are playing across multiple devices.

Default Transition Animation

This option lets you choose between many different transition animations for your playlist pages. Experiment to find the right one for your playlist!

Synchronize Playback

This toggle will force your playlist to synchronize its start with any other playlists that have this option toggled. Only turn this on if you have multiple playlists that need to start at the same time.

Aspect Ratio

This menu will let you select the appropriate aspect ratio for the display your playlist will be playing on. If you require a custom aspect ratio, you may do so by selecting "custom" and typing in the height and weight needed.



Turning this on will display a logo in the top right of the playlist. By default it will display the TelemetryTV logo, but you may display a custom logo by navigating to the Settings page of the TelemetryTV interface and clicking on the "Logo" section to upload a custom logo.


This will add a clock in the bottom left of the playlist. You can change your time settings from the "Localization" section of the Settings page of the TelemetryTV interface.


By toggling this on, you will be able to view the weather from the bottom left of the playlist. You may enter your location into the text box that appears upon toggling on the overlay.


You may add a tickertape to the bottom of your playlist by providing the URL for an RSS feed.

☝️ Important Note: Remember that your playlist configuration settings will affect every page in your playlist! 

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