You can use the Buttons provided by the board editor to add an interactive touchscreen experience to your board.

A Button can be configured to hide and show other Elements, Widgets or even other Buttons on the board!

The image below highlights all the Buttons available in the board editor.

Interactive Mode must be enabled to use Buttons.

Lucid Button: Allows you to add a transparent button to your board. 

The Lucid Button is most useful for users who have a way of telling their content consumers where to touch the board without using a visible, labelled button.

Square Button: Allows you to add a visible button to your board.

The Square Button is useful when you want to add a visible button with an optional label. You can configure the appearance of the Square Button by editing the fields shown in the image below.

Click Action: Each button has the ability to configure what Elements, Widgets or Buttons should be hidden or shown upon them being touched.

The default click action for each item on the board is "Ignore" (Empty Square icon).

You can click the "Eyeball" icon to show an item upon the button being clicked.

Alternatively, you can click the "Crossed-out Eyeball" to hide an item upon the button being clicked.

For aesthetic purposes, we suggest configuring some animations for the items you are hiding and/or showing.

Automatically Revert Action: When this setting is enabled, the action that was performed upon pressing the button will be reverted after 30 seconds pass.

For example, if a Text element is configured to hide upon pressing a button, it will show again 30 seconds after the button was pressed.

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