On April 16, 2019 at 4PM PDT we will be discontinuing support for the Legacy board version. These boards will no longer display in the player after this date. Here are some answers to some FAQs about this transition:

1. How do I duplicate my Legacy boards?

We engineered the new board editor and new version of boards in a way that is fundamentally different than the Legacy version. This is why we've seen significant improvements with the stability. 

Unfortunately, this also means the boards cannot be directly duplicated into the new editor, as the new editor does not recognize the make up of the old boards. They need to be recreated from scratch in the new editor.

2. How do I tell the difference between a Legacy board and a New board?

The easiest way is by opening the board's editor. The two editors look very different. The Legacy editor has an "Exit Editor" button in the top left corner, whereas the New editor has the board's name in the top left.

Legacy board:

New board:

3. Why did you change the editor? How does this help me?

We recognized several issues with the Legacy boards that were causing devices to crash. The new editor was developed to avoid these issues. Since implementing the new editor, we have seen amazing improvements that will positively affect the performance of your playlists going forward.

4. Why are some things that were available with the Legacy board editor no longer available on the new editor?

We created the new editor from scratch and therefore, some of the features have been updated or are different. If there's anything you'd really like to see added back, let us know.

We are focusing on improving our App library with apps that are easy to set up in under 3 minutes. We recommend checking out our easily customizable apps, like the Notice App, Events App, or Profile App, prior to creating a board. It is always better to use apps or media instead of boards wherever possible!

5. I have data integrated into my boards. Will this affect me?

Yes. The old data integration model will no longer be usable as of April 10, 2019. You will need to create new dashboards using our new, more stable Metrics structure. View our new API documentation as well as our code example on Github to get started.

6. Will my Legacy boards be automatically removed from my account, or do I need to delete them?

You do not need to delete them yourself, but we recommend deleting them as you recreate them to keep your account organized!

We're excited to have everyone switched over! Please reach out using the blue chat icon if you have any further questions.

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