iOS Hardware Information

What devices does this include?
iPad, iPhone

What are the advantages of these devices?

  • Easy to pair
  • Widely available

What are the disadvantages of these devices?

  • Not ideal for deploying at scale
  • Will not launch the app automatically
  • Very limited cache storage. Unable to reliably play video content.

iOS Software Setup

What are the steps for setting up these devices?

1. Go to the media player in your browser on iOS:

2. Click the centre icon at the bottom of the browser, scroll to the right and select "Add to Home Screen," and then click "Add".

💡Since our browser media player is a Progressive Web Application, it will launch as it's own app rather than launching in Safari when selected from the device's home screen. This allows for a seamless viewing experience where the top status bar is hidden when in landscape mode.

3. Open the TelemetryTV Media Player App. A pairing code will appear. 

4. On the TelemetryTV web app, navigate to the "Devices" page, click the "Pair" button, and type in the pairing code.

Nice job. Your iOS device can now display TelemetryTV in the PWA that you've saved to your home screen. 

Important Notes on Using iOS

  • The iOS app is limited to 50MB of cache storage. We recommend not displaying any videos if you're displaying them on iOS. If you need to, the videos will have to be very small.
  • There is no way on iOS to auto-launch an app.
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