Grafana is the leading open source project for visualizing metrics. 

Now, TelemetryTV's Grafana app allows you to display your Grafana dashboards on screen with ease.

Setting Up the App

  • Log in to your TelemetryTV account and navigate to the "Apps" page.
  • Click the "Create" button to launch the application list.
  • Search for "Grafana" in the bottom right of the application list, then select the Grafana App.
  • Give the app a Label to easily identify it next to your other apps.
  • Grab the URL of the Grafana dashboard you'd like to display. This URL should start with "play.grafana"

Authentication Options

  • If your dashboard is private, you will need to authenticate with your Grafana username and password. Select this identification option and enter your credentials in the fields below.
  • If your dashboard is public, there is no need to authenticate. Select "None" from the drop down menu.
  • Finally, select the interval at which you'd like the dashboard to refresh.
  • Once finished, click Create. You can now preview or edit your app from the Apps page on the right hand side. 

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