October 30, 2019

We’ve made some exciting changes to TelemetryTV that will make it much easier for you to create and schedule beautiful digital signage content. In this article, I'll take you through the 5 major updates in this release.

#1: Playlist editor

You’ll notice the Playlist interface got an overhaul! We’ve made it a lot easier to edit your playlist pages. Our new playlist editor allows you to create content directly on the playlist page, in real-time. 

Now, you can select and edit content on your playlist page from the new playlist editor panel on the right. The best part? You can see changes to your content on the playlist page itself, as soon as it is updated. Change fonts, text, and backgrounds seamlessly, without having to leave the Playlists section.

#2: Drag-and-Drop Zones

You can easily rearrange content in your zones by dragging and dropping to swap content.

#3: Shared Content

When you create content like an App, Media, or Board, you will have the option to Share this content, or leave it as Non-Shared. We created this new categorization to help you avoid a huge, messy library of content. A lot of content is used once, then deleted from a playlist page never to be used again. 

When content is Shared, you may add it to a folder and it will be available for use across multiple playlists. Make sure to mark your content as Shared if you want others to be able to access and use it. Please note that any changes made to shared content will be applied to that content on all playlists in which it resides!

When content is Non-Shared, it will exist only on that playlist page. Once it is deleted, it is removed from the account. We recommend leaving content as Non-Shared when it will be for one-time use, or for use on a single page.

From the playlist editor, you can access Shared Content by clicking the button at the top right of Apps, Media, or Boards. This will open your shared folders and allow you to choose from your existing shared content.

#4: Multiple Media in Zones

When you add media to a playlist page or a playlist zone, you can now add multiple pieces of media to create a looping slideshow. Add several media items, select a transition interval, and voilà. It's just that easy to create a dynamic slideshow to engage your audience.

#5: Playlist Thumbnails

Gone are the days where you see 10 x Notice App icons in your playlist page list and struggle to remember which is which. Our system takes a live screenshot of your playlist pages, making it simpler to organize and visualize your signage.

We're so happy to finally share these updates with you. Remember, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out using the blue chat icon within the TelemetryTV app. 

Happy broadcasting!

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