Reporting the Issue

In order to fix any bugs or issues you encounter, our team will need to test and reproduce the issue in our lab. To ensure we can do so, we need to gather detailed information about the problem.

Please include the following information and send in an email to . You can also send this via live chat within your account.

  • Description of Symptom

  • Note date/time

  • Note duration of symptoms

  • Trigger of Symptoms (events that lead up to symptom)

  • Note level of impact (# of devices showing symptoms)

  • Device Type (Android, Chrome model no., Browser + Version, etc)

  • Device ID (device page > select device > copy ID from URL)

  • Playlist ID (go to playlist > copy ID from URL)

  • Media Player Version/Environment

  • TelemetryApp Version/Environment

  • Chrome Version

  • Screenshot(s) of debug logs / device logs (see above)

  • Screenshot(s) or photos of error messages/issues seen on device screen


Finding Device ID:

Finding Playlist ID:

Finding Player/App/Chrome/Firefox version:

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