Effortlessly convert your TV displays into digital time tellers with the Clock App. 

Here's how to set it up:

1. Navigate to the "Apps" page from the left toolbar.
2. Click the "Create" button, and search for the "Clock" app.
3. Select the Clock App. On the right, give the app a name. 

4. Next, add the city for which you'd like to display a clock. If you'd like to add multiple cities, click the "Add City" button to add more.
5. Toggle "24H Clock" on or off based on your preference.
6. Select a font from the drop-down list.
7. Click the thumbnail under "App Background" to choose from our background library or upload a custom background.
8. Select the desired alignment for the text.
6. Click "Create" to save your app. It's now ready to add into a playlist.

Here are some examples:

To edit your clock app, select the app from the "Apps" menu, and use the right-hand
Details menu to change the settings and preview the app.

💡 Pro tip: Use Playlist Zones to display your clocks alongside other apps on a single playlist page.

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