A powerful tool for pilots, outdoor sport and weather enthusiasts, the WindyTV App fetches content from Windy.com's wind map and weather forecast tool. 

Add your desired location to view wind maps, weather forecasts, rain, snow and wave pressure in real-time. 

To get started, add the WindyTV App by accessing your main TelemetryTV dashboard. 

From here, select "Add App" to search for the WindyTV App. 

The below view may differ slightly should you already have apps added to your digital displays. 

View if you already have existing apps added to your display

Search for WindyTV using the search function tool located in the top right corner. 

Once selected, you can customize your WindyTV App. 

Label your app, choose your desired location, and set the app's display configurations. 

Select an overlay option to display wind, rain or snow maps. Or, choose to display information on waves, pressure, or temperature. 

Once selected, you can preview your newly added WindyTV App and update its configurations. 

To save, simply click "Save". 

Weather overlay preview:

Rain overlay preview:

Temperature overlay preview:

Pressure overlay preview:

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