Turn your digital displays into powerful custom TV channel streams directly from YouTube. 

The InfoTV App allows you to completely customize your digital displays to stream live news broadcasts, show the latest stock market trends, display time, and read through trending hashtags and tweets via Twitter. 

Start by navigating to the Shared tab from the lefthand toolbar. Select Apps, click

create, and search for the InfoTV app.

Next, you'll be prompted to set-up your InfoTV app's display options from app editor. 

Select which video and news sources you would like to display. You can include a custom RSS feed to pull from.

Add your current location to display the local time and weather. 

To preview your InfoTV app, click "Add App. 

From the preview window, you can add additional customization tools such as adding current currency conversion rates, stock market trends, and connecting your Twitter account to display trending tweets and hashtags. 

Preview how your InfoTV App will appear on your digital displays via the below preview window. 

Once customized, you can click "Save" to publish your InfoTV app which can be displayed on a single or multiple digital displays. 

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