What if you could get all of your daily online news without having to search through a million different websites?

That's what RSS feeds are for.

RSS feeds, or Really Simple Syndication, is an easy way for busy internet dwellers to receive they're favorite online content from various online publications, blogs, and other websites without having to subscribe email newsletters. 

Adding the RSS App

  • Log in to your TelemetryTV account and navigate to the "Apps" page.
  • Click the "Create" button to launch the application list.
  • Search for "RSS" in the bottom right of the application list, then select the RSS App.

Once selected, the RSS Properties will appear on the right hand side. From here:

  • Give your RSS App a name in the "Label" field.
  • Add the RSS feed URL of your choosing.
  • Enter a transition interval to determine the time between content displaying.

☝️Important Note: Depending on your RSS feed reader finding the URL can be tricky. Refer to your RSS feed reader directly for detailed instructions on how to pull a website's RSS feed URL. 

Once ready, click "Create". 

You can preview your newly added RSS feed and update its details from the app menu on the right hand side. 

It's ready to add to your playlist and start sharing with your audience!

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