Organize your content into playlists to start sharing with your audience.

🚨We made some updates that affect playlists on October 30, 2019 which are not yet reflected in the video below. To learn more, click here.

Playlists allow you to bring together multiple boards, apps, and media into an ordered and scheduled list which can be played on one or more devices. In this article, we'll show you how to set up your first playlist so that you can start sharing your content with your audience ASAP. 

Your Default Playlist

When your account is created you'll have a default playlist ready to add content to. If you'd like, you can create a new playlist instead.

Setting up Playlists

Creating a New Playlist

Navigate to the playlist page by clicking the playlist icon in the left toolbar. Click the drop-down menu in the top-right, and select "Add Playlist".  

Give your playlist a name. Now, you're ready to start populating it with content.

Playlist Folders

To create a new playlist folder, select "Add Folder" from the dropdown. Give your folder a name. You can create nested folders within other folders. We recommend grouping playlists by type or location so that they're easy to find.

💡 Pro tip: You can give your user groups permission to access certain folders, while hiding others. This can be done when creating the folder, or by clicking the "" beside the folder in the dropdown menu.

Playlist Options

Once you create a playlist, you can access the playlist options by clicking the "" beside the playlist name in the dropdown menu. Here, you can rename, duplicate, delete, move, and customize the transitions for your playlist.

Populating your Playlist

To add content to your playlist, click "Add Page". You are now looking at a preview of your new page. To select what type of content you would like to add, hover over the preview and click the “+” button that appears. You can select from your Apps, Media, or Boards. Once selected, you'll see your a preview of your page, with your selected content, appear on screen.

To create a page with multiple pieces of content, check out Playlist Zones

Page Options

When you have a page selected, you'll see a toolbar above the preview with several options. 

  • The settings drop-down has several options to customize your page.
  • You can rename your page in the text field.
  • The next drop-down option allows you to create Playlist Zones.
  • The duration drop-down allows you to set a fixed duration for your page to play.
  • The calendar icon drop-down lets you schedule your playlist page for a specific time.
  • The page background icon lets you choose a page background for the page, overriding any background settings on the individual content and making the page look more uniform.
  • On the right hand side, you have the option to move the page to a different playlist, copy the page to a different playlist, or delete the page.

💡 Pro tip: A fixed duration does not need to be selected for videos. If you toggle off this option for videos, your playlist will switch to the next page when the video is finished. If you set a fixed duration different than the video run time, it will either be cut short or loop back to the beginning.

Adding Pages

You can add a page directly to your playlist using the 'Add Page' Button at the bottom of your list of playlist pages. Then use an existing Shared App / Media / Board or  create a new one from your playlist menu.

Shared Apps, Media and Boards are to be found in the named categorized folders

Playlist Play Order

Playlists play in order of sequence from top to bottom.  To change the order you can drag and drop to rearrange the pages. 

Playlist Preview

To preview your playlist, select the page from which you'd like to begin, and press the "Play" button on the top right of the page preview. Your playlist will become full-screen and play through. 

☝️ Please note: The in-app play option is only intended for preview purposes, so you will encounter an "End of Playlist" message when it is done. Your playlist will only loop when displayed on a device.

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