Scheduling Playlists and Pages

Program playlists to display on specific days, dates, or times.

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Scheduling playlists or playlist pages allow you to create time-specific or day-specific content.

Need to display a closure message at a certain time? Want to show different menu items on different days of the week? The scheduling feature lets you customize your playlists to play what you want when you want.

Scheduling a playlist page:

You may have one page in a playlist that you would only like to display during a certain time. For example, you only want to display Monday's lunch menu on Monday from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

  1. Select the page you would like to schedule.

  2. Open the "scheduling" tab on the upper toolbar.

  3. Select the options you would like for this page.

Voilà! You've scheduled your page. 

  • "Days enabled" means the page can only be played on selected days of the week.

  • "Hours enabled" allows you to set a specific time frame during which you'd like the page played.

  • You also have the option to select "start and end dates" if you only want the page to play during a certain date period. 

  • "Show every" allows you to set a minimum time between showing this page. For example, if you set this for 5 minutes and your playlist cycles through in 3 minutes, it will skip this page until 5 minutes have passed.

  • "Shared Counter" allows you to modify playlist pages' playback order according to the shared counter time period. Each page with the same counter applied will appear based on the time interval set by that shared counter. The order of the pages under the same Shared Counter defines their display sequence.

  • "Automatically Remove Page" - This feature allows you to remove any unshared apps or media from your database once the scheduled date has expired.

    If nothing is selected, the playlist page will play as normal.

💡 Pro tip: To easily check which pages are scheduled and which are not, look for the calendar or clock icon on your page when scrolling through your page menu. Calendar = day-specific; clock = time-specific.

Scheduling multiple pages OR an entire playlist:

To schedule multiple pages or an entire playlist, you will use the same scheduling tab.

  1. Select all of the pages you would like to schedule by holding down command/ctrl  (Mac/Windows) and clicking on each one. To easily select the entire playlist, select the first page, hold shift , scroll down and click the very last page. 

  2.  Make sure the toolbar reads "Multiple Pages," then open the scheduling tab.

  3. Select your desired scheduling options.

💡 Pro tip: To avoid the "Pages Filtered" message on your screen when you schedule an entire playlist, set one playlist page to "Default Page." This will ensure something is always visible. You can also avoid this message by ensuring all days of the week and hours are accounted for with your scheduling options.

Device Scheduling:

You can schedule entire playlists at the device level by navigating to 'Devices' on the left sidebar. Click the scheduling icon under 'Playlists' in your device settings to set scheduling rules for playlists assigned to this device.

Media expiry date/schedule:

Our media expiry feature allows you to add scheduling rules for a specific media file within a media folder. This means you can add a time-sensitive piece of media content to your media folder and once the expiry date has been reached the media will be automatically deleted from your media folder and account. This feature allows you to keep your media folders clean and up to date with the only necessary content.

In your media folder, from the right-hand column enter the date you would like your media to expire from your media folder and account.

Important Note on Scheduling

☝️Please note: Scheduling a page for a certain time will not cause it to start at that time/date exactly. When you schedule a page, you are allowing it to display during a time period. Your playlist will cycle through pages in the order they are set, and will check if it is allowed to play a certain page when it reaches that page in the sequence.

For example:

You have 4 pages in a playlist, each with a 60-sec duration. You have a 5th page in that playlist scheduled for 08:00 - 08:01. If at 8:00, Page 1 is playing in the sequence, the player will not reach Page 5 until 08:02 (after it has cycled through Page 1, 2, 3, and 4). In this case, the player will not play Page 5 as it is not scheduled to allow playback at 08:02.

You can, for example, schedule several pages for "Monday", in which case these pages will play on Mondays in their ordered sequence. 

Similarly, you can schedule several pages to play from 08:00 - 08:05 however they will not all start at the same time.

💡To set a page to take over the screen for a specific period of time, use Overrides. This feature allows you to take over the screen during a specific time and pause your other assigned playlists so you only see a specific piece of content.

Add a "recurring" scheduling option for pages

Extend playlist page scheduling options.

Go to a playlist, in the scheduling tab select the day of the week

Select what appears below which allows choosing the period: each week's options from 1 to 6 which are basically the week number.

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