TelemetryTV supports playing video content in one of several ways,  either through YouTube or directly by uploading a video file to TelemetryTV in the media section.

Supported Formats

You will want to test your video file on your device to ensure playback is smooth.   Some video files will play smoothly on one type of device but stutter on another so you will need to ensure your device is powerful enough to not drop frames,  especially for 4k videos.

Maximum File Size

There is a file size limit of 1GB for videos uploaded onto TelemetryTV. If you are going to be uploading video files, you'll want to be sure the videos are rendered to 1080p.  You'll want to also keep the maximum length of a particular video under around 90 minutes, though this can vary based on the video.  If your video is too large try splitting it up in to smaller videos and combine them in a playlist.

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