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Selecting a Digital Signage Display
Selecting a Digital Signage Display

Navigating Digital Signage Display Options

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We suggest 55" or larger class TV's for most applications.  Generally the larger the better.  You can consider building a video wall for even larger displays.


TelemetryTV is designed to work on any size display and aspect ratio, however we suggest that you use at least 1080p (1920x1080) TV's.  Smaller and older TV's that are 720p and lower are not very visually pleasing and lack the resolution where detail matters.

4k digital signage displays (3840x2160) provide fantastic quality,  however you should be aware that some digital signage players will struggle with animations and video on this resolution of display.  We suggest testing the specific digital signage players carefully.

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Consumer Displays

A consumer display is a regular display that you may purchase at any retailer that sells Televisions.  The advantage of consumer displays is that they're widely available and inexpensive.  However they have a number of shortcomings compared to commercial displays that we will go in to a bit more detail.

Commercial Displays

Commercial TV's are designed to run in a commercial environment.  The main disadvantage is cost.  They're typically around twice as much as a similarly sized panel.

Thin Bezels
Commercial screens often have very thin bezels around the edge of the display allowing more seamless appearance, especially with video walls. 

Removable IR Control

Commercial digital signage displays generally allow you to remove or disable the IR control.  This is important for public environments where you do not want people messing with your displays.  

Daisy Chained Display Ports

Commercial digital signage displays often contain Display Port connectors that offer the ability to daisy chain up to four 1080p televisions together to one display port on the device.  This makes deployment inexpensive and easy without the need for specialized display splitters.  Please note that ChromeOS doesn't support Multi Stream Transport which is needed for daisy chained display ports so you'll need to use Windows 10.

Designed for 24x7 Operation

Consumer TV's are not designed to run all day, every day.  Commercial displays are.   This will impact your warranty and display lifetime.

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