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Why is my Digital Signage device showing an 'offline' or 'connecting' status?
Why is my Digital Signage device showing an 'offline' or 'connecting' status?

Troubleshooting Digital Signage Media Player devices

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Devices that you are using with TelemetryTV may go offline because of connectivity issues.

In the event your device experiences connectivity issues, your device will display either an 'offline' label in the bottom left part of the screen (if the playlist has fully cached on the local device) or it will display a spinning wheel along with the words 'connecting' (if the playlist has not yet cached to the local device).

In the TelemetryTV Interface, the device will show as offline. You'll be able to see from the "Logs" tab the time at which the device went offline.

The following reasons may be the cause: 

  • WiFi/Network Issues 

  • Internet is down

  • Firewall prohibiting a connection 

How to resolve the above issues. 

WiFi/Network Issues - Check that your device is properly connected to your local network (either the WiFi or Ethernet connection is active and the device has an IP address).

Internet is down - Work with your internet service provider to reset your internet connection.  

Firewall prohibiting a connection - Work with your IT department / System Administrator to relax security measures that may be preventing TelemetryTV from running via your network.  

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