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Manage ChromeOS device with the Google Management Console

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Google Enterprise has an administration site that lets you manage your Google domain, apps and devices.  One of the options there is to manage Chrome devices.  You will need to configure this to enable TelemetryTV to work in kiosk mode on your devices.  

Consult the Google Enterprise documentation on how to Enroll each of your ChromeOS devices.  Once enrolled you'll need to proceed to the Google Admin site. 

Adding TelemetryTV Media Player to your Google Admin Site

Proceed to Google Admin's Device Management > Chrome Management > App Management then Click on the ... menu on the top right, select Add Custom App and enter the following in ID and URL:

Enabling Google's API to Connect to TelemetryTV

Enable the API access from the Admin console in order to make requests to the Directory API. To enable the API, log in to your admin account and select Security. If you do not see Security listed, select More controls and then Security from the options shown in the gray box. Select API reference, and then select the checkbox to Enable API access. Save your changes.

Set up a new project in the Google APIs Console and activate Admin SDK service for this project. See the Google APIs Console Help in the upper right corner of the Console page for more information about creating your API project.

Configuring the TelemetryTV Media Player

You must add TelemetryTV to your Google account as an App for your devices.  You also must tie the app to your TelemetryTV account.  

Return to TelemetryTV's web app and go to Devices. Then, click the folder dropdown in the top left > Use Google CDM

This will redirect you to Google for you to login.  You must login with your Google account that has administrator privileges for your Google Chrome Devices. After logging in, you will be redirected back to TelemetryTV.

Back at TelemetryTV, you can add and then download the provisioning file to your computer. If you need to return to the provisioning page, you can find it by clicking the Provision button on the Devices page. The image below shows how to download the file:

Return to the app configuration on Google and click on the TelemetryTV Media Player app in the apps list under Device Management > Chrome Management > App Management 

Click on Kiosk Settings and select the organization you want to manage.

Click on UPLOAD CONFIGURATION FILE and select the provisioning file you downloaded from TelemetryTV.  Your domain now has TelemetryTV configured as an available app and it is configured to point at your TelemetryTV account.

Configuring Your Devices to be a TelemetryTV Kiosk

Next you must add the app to your devices and set them to auto launch the app on boot.  First in Google Admin go to Device Management > Chrome Management > Device Settings (selecting the organization as required) and scroll to the Kiosk Settings section.  

Click on Manage Kiosk Applications and select the TelemetryTV Media Player to install.  Next set it to launch under Auto-Launch Kiosk App.

Also, set the Allow Kiosk App to Control OS Version.   This ensures compatibility and allows TelemetryTV to test new versions of ChromeOS for compatibility with our software.  You may need to disable auto updates to allow this.

The device will now automatically launch TelemetryTV when it boots.  You may need to wait a bit before the new configuration is picked up and your device is ready.  Reboot the device and you should see it automatically provision and become available in TelemetryTV's device list.

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