Groups and Permissions

Assigning users to groups or roles and then setting permission levels.

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Creating User Groups

When you invite users to your TelemetryTV account, you will be asked to assign them to a user group. A group is simply a collection of users that have a set of permissions or privileges.

Permissions control access to TelemetryTV's: features, apps, media content folders, playlists, screen overrides, devices (media players), publishing, and more.

By default, the first user to create a TelemetryTV account is assigned to the Admin group. Users within the Admin group have full permissions to access all areas of the account.

As you onboard additional users, you may want to create additional groups with specific permissions.

To create a new group select the Settings tab from the left column:

In the left column select 'Users and Groups'

Under the 'Groups' tab you’ll see the option ‘Add a Group’

Adding Users to Groups

Add additional users to a group by selecting the Group Users tab and clicking ‘Add User”.

You can also assign users to groups from the “Users” tab, or select their group as you invite new users to your account.

Assigning Permissions

Users who are in a group that lack permissions to features will not see those features appear in their TelemetryTV interface.

Toggle on or off access to apps, media content folders, playlists, screen overrides, devices (media players), and metrics via the respective tab.

Click on the green check marks to toggle off the permission. 

💡 Pro Tip: Create folders for each of your locations/regions/departments so that users from each respective area can ONLY access and edit their own relevant folders.

Viewer Only Permissions

TelemetryTV's Viewer Only permissions feature lets you create user groups, invite view-only users to your account, and set playlists with important company information for your users to see.

Viewer Only users will download the TelemetryTV Desktop App. They'll be able to log in and view playlists from anywhere. Rather than providing a URL for playlist viewing, TelemetryTV's Viewer Only feature adds a layer of security for your playlist content by ensuring your team members have to log in to view it.

☝️ For more information of creating Viewer Only groups please visit this article.

Uploader Only Permissions

The ‘Uploader’ permission allows user groups to be created that only have permissions to upload media. ‘Uploader’ works the same way as 'Viewer Only' in that it's exclusive and only shows the Upload Icon if the user isn't in any other groups.

When Uploader is selected in group permissions, a tab is shown called Media Folder where you can select the specific folders in which these users can upload media. Users with the ‘Uploader’ permission will only be able to upload and delete media in this folder or folders.

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