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Keep your playlists running smoothly with optimized images.

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Are you experiencing slow page load times? Your media files are probably the culprits.

Images and videos should be optimized before uploading to TelemetryTV to help avoid page lagging. 

The two most common resolutions of display screens today are 1920x1080 pixels (1080p) and 3840x2160 pixels (4k), measured in width x height format. If your image's dimensions are outside the bounds of the resolution of your screen, resizing them will maintain the image quality and help your pages load faster. 

For this article, we will refer to the 1080p resolution. If you are using a 4k screen, simply replace the 1080p values with the 4k values.

💡Pro tip: Learn more about screen resolution here

☝️Please note: images of 16,000 pixels in either dimension or larger cannot be uploaded to TelemetryTV. Images between 4K and 15,999 pixels in either dimension will be automatically resized to 4096 pixels in the larger dimension prior to uploading, to increase processing speed.

Here's some quick instructions for optimizing images:

1. Before uploading an image to your TelemetryTV media repository, check the image dimensions. If either the width and height are greater than 1920px by 1080px respectively, you should resize the image.

2. If possible, try uploading images in JPEG rather than PNG format, because PNG files tend to be larger. For most images, viewers likely won't be able to tell the difference between a PNG and JPEG file; however, in many cases the PNG version of a given image will cause performance issues, especially lagging, compared to JPEG files. You should also compress the JPEG

3. Depending on the image's orientation (vertical, horizontal, or square) and how you plan to display it on your screen, adjust either the width or the height. The other value should update to maintain the image's proportion. The diagram below shows different orientations with the value we recommend changing. 

4. Upload to your media repository on the TelemetryTV app. It's ready to share with your audience!

Need more clarification? Let's go through an example:

You've got a beautiful photo you'd like to add to a playlist or board. First, you open it on your computer. Navigate to the Adjust Size/Resize Image menu. Here, you should see the width and height of your image. 

💡Pro tip: The "Adjust Size" function is found in different places on MacOS, Windows, ChromeOS, etc. Search "Resize image + your operating system" for instructions on where to find it!

Looks like your image is quite large; 4164 x 2759 pixels. Since this image is horizontally oriented, you'll resize it by changing the width to 1920 pixels. Ensure you scale proportionally. We will also adjust the resolution to 72 ppi, the standard for web. Now, your dimensions look like this: 

This image was adjusted from 3.1MB to 917KB (less than one-third of the original size!).** It's ready to upload to your media repository and share with your audience.

💡Pro tip: It's OK if the width is greater than 1920px or the height is greater than 1080px after adjusting. The goal is to get the image as close as possible to this resolution while maintaining the proportion. You may fill the screen with the image and some may spill out of the frame, so consider how you plan to position the image on your board/in your playlist when resizing.

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