Playlist Zones

Create pages that multi-task with our zones feature.

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Use the "Playlist Zones" feature to display various boards, media, or apps together on one page.

Our zones feature allows you to create a grid-style layout with multiple sections of content. 

When you select a playlist page, you can split it into zones by clicking this drop-down menu:

Once you've selected a layout, you can drag and drop grid borders to customize the size of your zones.

💡 Pro tip: Click "•••" to create a custom layout with CSS. For advanced users only! 

Learn about Zone Padding here.

Once you've created your desired layout, you can add different content to each section. You'll be able to choose from your existing media, apps, and boards.

From the Playlist Editor, you can easily rearrange content in your zones by dragging and dropping to swap content.

Here are some examples of playlist pages we created using Playlist Zones and several different Apps:

💡 Pro tip: Use zones when creating video walls

For custom zone layouts, you may use our custom zone CSS templates feature.

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