With TelemetryTV there are three avenues within the interface to add users to your account:

  1. Add a single user via email invitation

  2. Add a single user manually by setting their username and password

  3. Add several users via the Team Login feature (Enterprise Plans only) 

Adding a Single User

To add a user to your TelemetryTV account...

  1. Click on the Settings tab on the left-hand column

2. Then click on Users and Groups

3. Then click Add User

Add a user via email invite

On the add team member interface, ensure the invitation toggle is on to send a user an invite via email.  Enter the users email address and select a user group they will be linked to and click the invite button. The recipient user will then receive an email where they will be prompted to setup their password and login.

Add a user by creating their credentials manually

To create a users credentials manually, toggle off the invitation feature and follow the prompts below. Click the create button when finished. 

Add multiple users via the Team Login feature

The team login features allows you to on-board many users at a time to your account by creating a special url you can send to your team. 

☝️Please note: This feature is only accessible on an Enterprise Plan.

To add multiple users at time click on the gear icon in the vertical menu bar, then select team login and follow the prompts. 

Enter your Team Name.  This will augment your special url that you will send to your user recipient with your on-boarding parameters. 

Team Sign-up Modes

Team Sign-up modes are security filters used to ensure that the recipient of your special url is authorized to self onboard to your account.

  • Invitation Only - This is the default, and only recipients of your special url can self on-board.

  • Any email address from these domains - this allows you to assign an email domain (ex. @yourdomainname.com ) that the user must have (in additional to the special url) in their email address to on-board themselves as a user to your account

  • OAuth Single Sign On- this allows you to add a 3rd party authentication method via the OAuth protocol.

Once you completed your team name and team sign-up mode step, select a user group your recipients will be linked to and click save. 

Send your special url to your recipient list via your choice of communication. 

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