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YouTube captions explained

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Did you select "Show Captions" on your YouTube App, but captions are not displaying in the TelemetryTV player? Here's why:

When YouTube videos are embedded, they will only display captions if the source video has native captions encoded by the uploader. Automatic Google Translate captions are not supported by YouTube when embedded. 

When you play a video on YouTube, you can check whether the captions are native or speech recognition by clicking the video settings on the bottom right of the video and selecting "subtitles". If the captions are native, it will show as English - English. If they are not, it will show as English (auto-generated). If they are auto-generated, the captions will not display when the video is embedded.

Native Captions (will display on TelemetryTV):

Auto-generated Captions (will not display on TelemetryTV):

Unfortunately this is a setting made by Youtube for all embedded videos which we cannot control. If you have "Show Captions" enabled on TelemetryTV, they will show if the video allows it.

See this article for more info on the YouTube App.

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