Time Syncing Multiple Playlists

How to time-sync multiple playlists across displays with the synchronize playback feature.

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What is synchronized playback?

Synchronized playback allows you to sync up the start time and playback of your chosen playlists that share the exact same duration.  

The effect that you will get is that your selected playlists broadcast in unison across your chosen displays.  

How it works

Go to the playlist interface, select configuration and toggle on 'synchronize playback' on all the playlists that you want synchronized.  

*Requirements for this feature to work

  1. Synching will only work IF the duration of all the selected playlists are the same

  2. AND all pages within those playlists have the time interval set to a fixed duration (they cannot have dynamic page lengths) 

  3. AND all devices (a.k.a Media Players) are synced using an atomic clock through NTP. ChromeOS devices do this automatically. 

  4. AND devices cannot have more than one playlist linked to it at time for this feature to work. 

TelemetryTV will then cross reference all playlists that share the same time duration and 'synchronize playback' toggled to on and display the playlists in unison across displays.  

All devices will wait at the last page for certain period to give slow devices a chance to catch up if a time lag develops. 

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