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Top Tips for Better Playlist Performance
Top Tips for Better Playlist Performance

Playlist not displaying smoothly? This might be why...

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Playlists contain many kinds of content including media, apps, and boards. There are many different ways to show information through TelemetryTV. I'll outline some best practices below which will help you ensure your playlists display smoothly and capture your audience's attention in the best way possible.

1. Use Apps instead of Boards wherever possible.

All of the apps in our app library were made to create an easy and beautiful way to display your information. Boards are a great way to make a simple, custom design, but we always recommend using apps as they are optimized for performance. Boards are more difficult for your device to load, so avoiding busy boards will allow for smooth playlist transitions, especially on less powerful devices. Here's a few suggestions:

  • Use the Notice App to create an announcement with a custom background.

  • Use Playlist Zones to include several Apps/Media on a single playlist page, instead of creating a complex board.

  • Instead of displaying lots of content on one board, use separate playlist pages for apps and media. Your audience is more likely to stay engaged when your displays rotate through different pages.

2. Never create a board with a single piece of Media.

You can add Media to a playlist without adding it to a board. When you add an image to a board, then use that board in your playlist, you're adding more information for your device to recognize. This can contribute to slower loading.
Add your media straight to your playlist like this:

3. Optimize your images and videos

This is one of the most common issues we see. Large files cause devices to crash, which is not fun for anyone!

Before uploading images or videos to your media repository, make sure they are optimized to your display screens. Uploading files that are too big will cause slow loading.

4. Make sure your pages are scheduled properly

To avoid the dreaded "Pages Filtered" message, it's crucial to schedule your playlist pages to make sure you always have content available to show on your display. Learn more about playlist scheduling here.

☝️ Important note: If you still can't figure out why your playlist is giving you trouble, click the blue button at the bottom of your screen to get in contact with our support team. We're here to help!

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