Make sure you're the first person to hear about a device failure

Your devices are the heart of your digital signage infrastructure, so making sure they are as consistently operational as possible is critical. Sometimes however, network interruptions, electrical problems, or hardware hiccups can cause unexpected loss of playback. By turning on device notifications, you can receive emails that alert you anytime a device goes down or experiences a playback failure.

Turning on notifications

To turn on device notifications, first select the device you'd like to monitor from the list on the Devices page.

Once your device is selected, simply click to toggle on the options for "Notify on Offline" and "Notify on Play Failure" under the notifications heading under the "details" tab.

To have these notifications reach you, you must then set your email address from the Settings page (by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar).

Please note: You can add multiple notification emails by separating them with commas in the Notification Email field.

Reading your notifications

Now you will receive notification emails when your device goes offline or fails to playback content, depending on what option you have toggled on. 

The emails you receive will report the type of error, the device name, the time the error occurred, and the device's location. If you have notifications set up for multiple devices, make sure you are getting the most accurate information by giving each of your devices a name and location.

It is always a good idea to fill out as many fields in each device's "details" tab as possible, so that you can better manage your devices.

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