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Playlist Settings: Configuration, Overlays, and Tickertape
Playlist Settings: Configuration, Overlays, and Tickertape

Explore settings that help you effortlessly customize your playlists

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The Configuration, Overlays, and Tickertape tabs on your Playlist page allow you to apply important settings to your entire playlist.

In this article, you'll learn how to apply and leverage these playlist settings to make your digital signage even more awesome.

To access these tabs, you'll first need to navigate to the Playlist you'd like to edit. Then, you can view these tabs across the top of the playlist editor. 


The configuration tab allows you to configure basic settings.

Playlist Name

Naming the playlist makes it easier to search for, and giving it a descriptive name is important once you need to find which playlists are playing across multiple devices.

Default Transition Animation

This option lets you choose between many different transition animations for your playlist pages. Experiment to find the right one for your playlist!

Synchronize Playback

This toggle will force your playlist to synchronize its start with any other playlists that have this option toggled. Only turn this on if you have multiple playlists that need to start at the same time. Read more about this feature here.

Aspect Ratio

This menu will let you select the appropriate aspect ratio for the display your playlist will be playing on. If you require a custom aspect ratio, you may do so by selecting "custom" and typing in the height and weight needed.

The aspect ratio is usually changed from its default setting of 16:9 when you want to

☝️ Please note: Aspect ratio support is dependent on the device being deployed. TelemetryTV can only be configured to support aspect ratios in your playlist that your devices support and on windows (and mac and Linux) the screen configuration such as portrait mode is done through windows.

Kiosk Interaction

Kiosk Interaction allows you to configure a playlist for display on a touchscreen, and customize the way viewers can interact with that playlist once it's projected onto the touchscreen. In order to make use of these options, you must have either 1) a touchscreen device that can double as a display (such as an iPad) or, 2) a touchscreen display (such as a ChromeBase). 


The overlays tab allows you to set specific overlays to display on top of your playlist. These subtle overlays allow you to display information like weather, the time, or a logo without distracting from your important playlist content.

☝️ Please note: Overlays can be disabled for individual pages from the Page Settings menu of each page. Page settings can be accessed by clicking the Gear Icon to the left of the page title, and overlays can be disabled with the Disable Overlays toggle.

Page Title
Turning on the page title overlay will display each playlist page's title at the top left of the playlist page.

This is where you set the page title for each page:

And this is what it looks like on screen when turned on:

Turning the logo overlay on will display a logo in the top right of the playlist. By default it will display the TelemetryTV logo, but you may display a custom logo by navigating to the Settings page of the TelemetryTV interface and clicking on the "Logo" section to add a custom logo.

☝️ Please note: The custom logo must first be uploaded to your media library in order to add it as a custom logo in your account settings.

Here's an example of the logo overlay in action:


The clock overlay will display the time in the bottom left of your playlist. You can change your time settings from the "Localization" section of the Settings page of the TelemetryTV interface.


By toggling this on, you will be able to view the weather from the bottom left of the playlist. You may enter your location into the text box that appears upon toggling on the overlay.

💡Pro tip: If both the Clock & Weather overlays are enabled, they will display in a loop.


The tickertape feature allows you to display a scrolling message across the bottom of your playlist page. You may add a tickertape to the bottom of your playlist by entering a custom message or adding an RSS feed.

A tickertape can be added from the Overlays tab, under the Message panel:

You may choose to customize the color of the tickertape message as well as the font size, or add an RSS feed.

Here's an example of the tickertape feature in action:

☝️ Important note: Due to the animated nature of the tickertape, this feature can perform slowly on devices that are not very powerful. Please test this feature on your device type before deploying it to multiple screens.

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