Our board editor allows you to animate your text, shapes, and images to help catch the eyes of your audience.

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Animation Effects on Elements

You can apply animation to your elements in the board editor.

  • Double-click on the element you wish to animate in your element list to open the element's properties.

  • At the bottom of the properties, you will see options to set an animation in and an animation out.

For this example, I will animate the green circle in the middle of my board. When you select the drop-down, you will see there are many animation effects you can use.

  • I have selected "Move left" for both the animation in and out. 

  • I set a delay on the Animation In so that there is a 1 second delay before the element appears.

  • I set the duration for both the Animation In and Out to 1 second. This is how quickly the element performs the animation. If I set it to 10, for example, the element will move left very slowly; and will end the animation after 10 seconds.

  • I set the delay on the Animation Out for 1 second as well. This sets how long you will see the element on screen.

💡 Pro tip: You don't have to set both an animation in and out. You can do one or the other based on your desired effect!

This is what the final product looks like with my chosen settings:

Animation Sequences

Animation sequences allow you to create an animation with several elements that play in order, like text or shapes. *This will not work for media files. Scroll down to the "Media Element Animation" section if you want to loop images. 

To create an animation sequence:

  • Create all of the elements that you would like in the sequence.

  • Set each elements animation effect (see above). You will also need to add a sequence duration to denote how long each element will display for:

  • Click the "Create animation sequence" icon:

  • Drag your elements into the sequence in the order you'd like them to play:

  • If you'd like the Sequence to loop instead of playing through once, click the settings drop-down and toggle on "Loop Animation Sequences".

This is an example of an animation sequence with three shape elements:

💡 Pro tip: To move or scale one of the elements in your sequence, drag it to the first position before doing so. This will allow you to edit and move it to your desired size. Then, drag it back to it's correct position in the sequence. If you don't, you may accidentally resize the element in the first position.

Media Element Animation

When you add a media file like an image, you can create a sequence within the media element without having to use the "Add Sequence" icon.

  • Click the "Media" element below the board editor preview to select the first media element.

  • Once you select your first media file, add the other media you want in the sequence by clicking "Add Media" from the properties menu:

  • Once you have uploaded the other media, you can drag and drop them to change the order, edit their duration, and update the animation effects as covered above.

  • When you scale the media element, it will scale all of the files at the same time.

💡 Pro tip: Too many animations on one board can make it hard for your device to load. Keep it simple to optimize performance!

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