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Common issues with the YouTube App, explained.

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This article will go over a few common errors with the YouTube App and how to solve them.

"No videos on this channel" message

If you've entered a URL for a channel and this appears, you've likely entered the URL wrong (thanks a lot, YouTube). If you've navigated to the channel from search, you will get the working URL, but if you are already on the channel and click around between sub-sections, you may be given the incorrect URL.

URLs like these will NOT work:

Captions not displaying when "Show Captions" toggled on

Please check out this article where we explain this issue in depth!

"No Videos Found" Message

If you have set the app to play videos "No Older Than" a certain time frame, this occurs when the channel has not released a video within that frame. Increase this limit to avoid this message.

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