Google CDM: Syncing Orgs & Devices

How to sync the organizations and devices from Chrome Device Management

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Please read and complete the steps in our ChromeOS Deployment Guide before checking out this guide.

TelemetryTV offers a feature that allows you to sync the organizations and sub-organizations that you have set up in Chrome Device Management so that they appear under your Device menu. 

To sync, or not to sync 

Our Google CDM integration allows you to quickly sync the organizations from your Google Admin account without having to create and organize your own folders in TelemetryTV. However, once you sync, you cannot create any new device folders within TelemetryTV. You either adopt the organizations from your Google CDM exactly, or do not sync at all.

We always recommend syncing unless you will be deploying on several different accounts with the same Google Admin account. For example, if you have separate TelemetryTV accounts for two different locations but use the same Chrome Device Management to enroll all devices, each account will be able to see all the organizational folders in your account if you sync them. 

How to Sync to Chrome Device Management

  • Navigate to the Devices page in TelemetryTV

  • Click the folder dropdown in the top left, and click Use Google CDM

  • Login with your Google account that has administrator privileges for your Google Chrome Devices. You will be redirected to TelemetryTV after logging in.

☝️ Important note: Each time you edit your organizations in Chrome Device Management, you will need to click "Sync Orgs and Devices" in the TelemetryTV Devices drop-down to update them in the TelemetryTV interface.

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