If your device is failing to load the TelemetryTV Media Player, it likely needs an update. 

Chrome devices default to auto-update, but it can take a while on new devices because they need to download + apply the update and they could be on a very outdated version. (See more on updates here)

Commonly, the device will get stuck on the following screen as it is trying and failing to launch the app:

To force an update on your device, follow these steps:

  1. From the white Initializing Application screen, press Ctrl+Alt+S to exit kiosk mode (if your device gets past this screen, you'll need to restart it and press this combination as soon as you see that screen)

  2. Open a Chrome browser and go to chrome://settings/help

  3. Your device should automatically pick up the update and start downloading it

  4. Once complete, restart the device and allow it to boot into kiosk mode. It should work! 

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