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The Default Page feature is a useful option that you can apply to a playlist.

The most common use case we have seen for this feature is when a user would like their displays to display a single page (e.g. a black screen or a still image) outside of business hours. For example, during business hours one might show a variety of content in the playlist including videos, social feeds, and announcements. Outside of business hours, one may want to display a message that says they are closed, or simply a black screen.

The "Default Page" can be used to achieve this.

How it works

When you set a playlist page as the Default Page in the playlist, it will only display if there is no other content available to play. 

Here's an example: You have three pages scheduled for 7AM - 4PM Monday-Friday. You have one page set as a default page. During the hours of 7AM - 4PM M-F, only the three pages will show. The Default Page will not. Once the clock hits 4PM, the device will recognize there is no available content and display the default page until it can access other scheduled content again.

How to set it up

To set a playlist page as a Default Page, select the page thumbnail in your playlist and click the drop-down menu with the gear icon. Next, toggle on "Default Page."

You can easily identify your Default Page. A star icon will appear on the page thumbnail once it is set as a Default Page.

Using the Default Page with Touch Screen Interactivity

You can use the Default Page setting to allow a viewer to tap the touchscreen to view the default page. Click here to read more on interactivity.

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