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How to use the social wall app to display tweets

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The Social Wall app provides an alternative to the Twitter App, allowing you to display tweets in a grid or scrolling wall format.

UPDATE April 2023:

Unfortunately, Twitter has made a recent update which limited API access, making it incompatible with TelemetryTV and any other platform. At this time we have removed our Twitter App from the app library until further notice. For more information, please visit this link

Link your Twitter account to display tweets by screen name, hash tag, search, or home timeline.

Adding the Social Wall App

  • Log in to your TelemetryTV account and navigate to the "Apps" page.

  • Click the "Create" button to launch the application list.

  • Search for "Social Wall" in the bottom right of the application list, then select the Social Wall App.

  • Give the app a label to easily locate it in your app library.

  • Select either the Grid or Scrolling Wall theme. (see below for examples)

  • Click the thumbnail to select a background for the app.

Once you click create, you will see the details tab on the right side of the apps page. 

  • Click "CONNECT TWITTER" and you will be redirected to Twitter to authorize access to TelemetryTV.

Once connected, you will be redirected back to TelemetryTV. Next, you will need to choose the content type you'd like to display:

  • Screen Name will display all tweets from a single account.

  • Hash tag will display tweets for any hash tag you choose.

  • Search will display tweets that include the search query you choose. (Not just hash tags)

  • Home timeline will display tweets from all the accounts you follow.

Once you select an option, a field will appear below for you to enter the screen name, hash tag, or search query you'd like to display. No field will appear if you select home timeline.

  • Mute words will filter out offensive language when toggled on.

  • Exclude retweets will only include original tweets when toggled on.

  • Content filter allows you to filter tweets based on content type; text, images, and video.

Nice job! Your Social Wall App can be previewed by clicking the "Preview" tab on the right side.

Here are some examples of the Social Wall App in action:

Grid Theme

Scrolling Wall Theme

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