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Playlist Zone Padding and Backgrounds
Playlist Zone Padding and Backgrounds

Customize your playlist zones with our padding and page background features.

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This article includes information on two features that were added to complement our Playlist Zones feature:

  • Zone Padding

  • Page Background

These features are meant to help configure our original TelemetryTV app series. This series includes Apps like the Countdown App, Events App, and Profile App; any apps that feature content with an overlay box in the background.

Zone Padding

The Zone Padding feature allows you to adjust the margins between your content and the border of the playlist zone. 

Select the playlist page you'd like to edit and open the Playlist Zones drop-down menu to find this feature:

You can select from four different options. Some options do not work well depending on your zones layout. Here are examples of each option:





Page Background

The Page Background feature allows you to choose a single background for your playlist page to make your zones look unified. If you do not set a page background, the backgrounds will remain the same as they are set on each piece of content.

To select a page background, select the playlist page to which you'd like to apply the background. Then, click this icon:

Here's what it looks like to add a page background to the layout shown above with three different apps:

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