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Limitations of the Browser Media Player + Electron Apps
Limitations of the Browser Media Player + Electron Apps

Important notes on limitations of our media players for different devices. Please read before deciding on an operating system.

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TelemetryTV is hardware agnostic, meaning it can run on a variety of hardware and operating systems. However, TelemetryOS is the recommended operating system for the best experience. Our proprietary operating system provides a superior device management layer that enables remote control of the device itself, allowing for efficient troubleshooting.

Using our media player in the TelemetryOS environment provides the smoothest and most seamless experience. It eliminates several limitations present when using the browser player or running it in our Electron App on other operating systems such as Windows 10, Linux, Android, or Mac. With these other operating systems, you miss out on the device management layer provided by TelemetryOS, which means that an end user may need to manually restart/troubleshoot the device if there are any issues.

Using the Browser Player

  • Use of the browser media player is meant for testing purposes, but can be used for a deployment. This will be more high maintenance for the user.

  • You cannot easily configure a computer to boot directly into the app. The user will need to configure Chrome to be a startup program on that device and give it a URL to boot into the TelemetryTV Media Player.

  • You cannot manage the device remotely besides restarting the media player (as long as the device is online), so it will be up to the end user to manage and troubleshoot if anything goes wrong.

  • The user will need to configure the device to prevent it from going into sleep mode/displaying a screensaver.

  • There is no app that will monitor the health of the rendering of the player and restart it in the event of an error.  This means that the browser will possibly stop working over time if left unattended.

  • There will be limitations on the website app in the browser media player. The auto-login features in some apps will not work in this environment. (This may not be an issue for you).  Also you will not be able to view HTTP content in the browser (unlike in the electron app).

Using the Windows 10 Media Player:

  • We find that the Windows 10 player is less stable than ChromeOS.  Additionally the devices usually are considerably more expensive. 

  • Aside from ChromeOS, this is the easiest OS on which to set up auto-launch of the media player. That said, the end user will need to do it on the device itself. You can check out the setup instructions here to get a better idea of the process.

Using the Linux Media Player:

  • Not ideal for deploying at scale

  • Ease of setup is largely dependent on device model, it may require some technical expertise if the hardware isn't supported out of the box.

  • Check out set-up here.

Using the Android Media Player:

  • Reliability and quality can vary widely. Manual device troubleshooting may be needed often.

  • Depending on the device, may not be able to launch directly into TelemetryTV. This may be difficult for the end user to set up.

  • Check out set-up here.

Using the Mac Media Player:

  • These devices are considerably more expensive.

  • Not ideal for deploying at scale.

  • Check out set-up here.

Using the Chrome Media player

  • Chrome OS is the second most reliable player after TelemetryOS, and it allows for remote control of the device itself using Google CDM.

  • However, note that compared to TelemetryOS, it does not provide the same level of device management,

  • It may not be the most cost-effective option for large-scale deployments.

In summary, for large-scale deployments, we highly recommend using TelemetryOS as the benchmark operating system due to its superior device management layer. Chrome OS is the second most reliable option and offers remote control of the device using Google CDM. When using other operating systems, limitations exist, and manual troubleshooting may be necessary. 

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